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Wooden Travel Case

The Travel Case box is a popular alternative to the multi-deck boxes. It has a sturdy handle that allow a large supply of cards to be carried with a single hand. The box comes with two high quality latches and a high quality stop hinge that runs the length of the box for added durability. The inside can be divided as you choose with 2-4 columns of cards and an optional area for a play mat.  The vertical columns have a maximum length of 10.5 inches of space.   This translates into each vertical column holding about 430 single sleeved or 350 Db sleeved cards.  A Rectangular inlay the use of aluminum spline joints and felt lining are also possible options. Inner slats and dividers are generally made from a contrasting wood specie unless specifically requested. 

Maximum Exterior dimensions:  

Height 4‘’ x Width 11 1/2’’ x Length 17 1/2''

Size: 1400 Double Sleeves

or 1720 single sleeves

Domestic Wood:  $350

Tier 1 Exotic:  $415

Tier 2 Exotic:  $490

Tier 3 Exotic:  $555

Tier 4 Exotic:   $630

Addtional Options:

Corner Spline Joints:                      Free

Rectangular Inlay:                        $40 

Removeable Dividers:          $4 per divider

Custom Engraving:                starting at $25

Adhesive Backed Felt Bottom:    $50

Optional Mat Area                         $40

Aluminum Spline Joints:             $38

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