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The "Parsec" for RPG's or Star Wars Destiny

The Parsec is a minimalist box designed for “RPG's" or "Star Wars Destiny".

The "RPG" Parsec provides foam lined storage for your prized Role Playing game accessories and comes in 3 different Configurations.  Configuration #1 consists of 14 polyhedral dice storage, storage for one miniature,  and a rolling tray.  Configuration #2 stores 22 polyhedral dice and rolling tray.  Configuration #3 has storage for 7 polyhedral dice, 1 miniature, and room for a pen or pencil.

On the "Star Wars Destiny" Parsec The first layer is a felt lined rolling tray large enough to contain your rolls without taking up too much space on the gaming surface. The dice tray is the second layer and is large enough to fit 22 individual “Star Wars Destiny” dice. The third layer contains plenty of room for 35 double sleeved “Star Wars Destiny” cards along with compartments for all of the tokens necessary for playing the game.


The Parsec is held together with high strength Neodymium rare earth magnets that hold the box firmly secure.

​​​Exterior dimensions:  

Height 2 or 2.5‘’ x Width 4 7/8’’ x Length 7'''

"RPG" Parsec:

Star Wars Destiny Parsec:

Price varies on wood specie - Starting at $46

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Addtional Options:

Felt Rolling Tray                                    Free

Felt Lined Token and Deck Area (Destiny Version)       $10

Custom Engraving:                 Starting at $25

Mirage Method:                     Starting at $65 

Rectangular inlay:                 $30              

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