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Dear Customer,

My name is Aaron Cain.  I have been a wood worker since 2001 and an MTG enthusiast since 1993.  I started my wood working journey shortly after college and marriage to my wonderful wife Heather.  We were poor homeowners with not very much furniture and it seemed pointless to buy lower quality furniture that would ultimately break soon after it was purchased.  I set my goal of designing and building every piece of furniture in our home with an expectation of it becoming an antique that could be passed down to our children.

In 2011 a friend inquired about the construction of some simple deck boxes to store MTG cards.  Since all of the furniture was complete and I still had a garage full of tools, I set my eyes on making a making a few extra bucks by selling deck boxes on eBay, the toploader was born.  Soon after your ideas for new deck boxes started flooding in and some of those ideas have also become part of what I offer.

In 2016 because of the generosity of the MTG community I have taken a leap of faith.  I quit my job as a High School Physics / Chemistry teacher and now work full time to serve you!  My goal is the same as it was when I started this adventure, "Build every box with the expectation of it becoming an antique, that can be passed down to others."

Thank you for your support,

Aaron Cain

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