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Large Box Custom Options:

Here are the most common options available.  If you have a new and inovative idea let me know and I may be interested in offering the option!

Every travel case or large single/dual column box is drawn with computer aided design software.  The software allows me to draw in the proper divider position and confirm the dimensions with the client before construction begins.  CAD is a vital tool in communicating with clients.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Corner spline joints are used to reinforce and lock together two pieces of wood that meet at a 90-degree miter joint.  Spline joints prevent an end grain joint from ever opening and can provide a nice decorative touch as they can be made from contrasting wood species.  Whenever choosing a spline joint I normally choose one that has maximum contrast in order for it to be clearly seen.  If you do not want to see the spline joints as easy we can match them to the wood specie.


Popular wood spline colors include -

Maple (White)  

Walnut (Brown) 

Wenge (Black)

Redheart (Dark Red)

Yellowheart (Yellow)

Aluminum Metal (adds $20)

Corner Spline Joints:

Adhesive backed felt can be precisely cut and inserted into the bottoms or larger cube boxes or travel cases.  It has an industrial adhesive that bonds to the bottom wooden panel and prevents it from lifting off the surface.  The felt is a thick durable option that provides an extra layer of protection to your cards.  Right now black felt is the only color option.

Adhesive Backed Felt:

Removable Dividers:

Removable dividers are used in association with larger cube boxes and travel cases.  With computer aided design we can pin point their location and cut a grooved mortises that allow these wooden dividers to slide in.  The dividers are then removable to accommodate larger sections of a cube.  Each divider adds $3 to the price of a box

A rectangular inlay is a contrasting wooden strip that is mitered and glued into a groove that is cut into the top of a larger cube box, switchblade, or travel case.  It can provide unique way to break up the appearance of large wooden panels or provide some decorative flare!  A rectangular inlay adds $30 to the price of a box

Rectangular Marquetry Inlay:

Neodymium Magnets:

Neodymium magnets area amongst the strongest magnets in the world.  Two pair of these "rare earth" magnets are used as an additional layer of security keeping the lid closed.

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