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Small Box Custom Options:

Resin Deck Vaults:

These extraordinary vaults are meticulously crafted using food-grade safe epoxy resin, infused with a mesmerizing array of vibrant pearlescent pigments that dance and ripple like a living work of art when touched by light. The result? A stunning natural chatoyance, a captivating shimmer that adds an enchanting dimension to your collection.

Our proprietary resin blend doesn't just stop at visual brilliance. It transforms into a rock-hard, unyielding fortress, standing strong against the test of time and offering unparalleled impact resistance. Your cards deserve nothing less than this safe haven, where both their protection and their aesthetics are held in the highest regard.

Marquetry Deck Vaults:

It begins with the artful inlay of solid wooden panels into the very core of a masterfully constructed deck vault. With unwavering dedication, each of the four panels is meticulously installed and skillfully sanded, transforming the vault into a canvas of unlimited potential.  But the true magic lies in the second act, where a precision process carves a delicate groove along the margins of both the panel and the box itself. It is within this groove that your personal touch emerges, as you choose between the elegant embrace of maple or the captivating allure of wenge—a border inlay that adds an exquisite frame to your marquetry masterpiece. 


Flocking is the soft material that is commonly found on the inside of jewelry boxes. It works by painting a color tinted adhesive into the inside of a box and blowing soft colored fibers into that adhesive. When the adhesive cures you are left with a soft durable finish that is extremely attractive.  Flocking is a great choice for a smaller deck box!  Its important to note, flocking when new will initially shed some of its loose fibers and could be seen on light colored sleeves.   With use of the box this will stop and provide excellent protection.

Flocking Colors Available - (prices vary on size of the box)

Cardinal Red

Royal Blue



The commander window is a $15 option available on the top loading deck vault and the top loading dice/deck vault.  This option will highlight the art of your commander or favorite mtg card.  Keep in mind that the postion of the window is fixed and the position of the mtg art has changed very slightly over the years.  Also different sleeves and the addition of flocking can also effect this position ever so slightly.  The window is slightly over sized to compensate for this and may reveal a small amount of boarder around the art.  The window is covered with an clear acrylic window pane.

Commander Window:

The "Mirage Method" allows multiple wood species to be weaved together around the perimeter of the box.  This process is incredibly labor intensive and produces truly stunning and unique effects.  This option adds $50 to the price of a box.  Currently the mirage method is only available in the Toploading Deck Vault and the Toploading Dice and Deck Vault.  

Mirage Method:

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