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Deck Vault:

The Deck Vaults are made of thicker material, and feature a sliding top that locks tight when shut. The way it is designed makes the top virtually invisible when it is closed. The corners are all reinforced with a pair of spline joints that can be customized with the wood color of your choice.  The deck vault can also have an optional window ($15) cut into the front of the box that perfectly outlines the art of your MTG commander.  The window is not covered with an acrylic window pane.  The boxes can be built to fit one 75 or 100 single or double sleeved deck.  The bottom panel of the deck vaults are constructed from maple.

-Inner dimensions:

Height 3 5/8‘’ x Width 2 3/4’’ x Depth 2 1/2’’ (100 single sleeves, 80 Double sleeves)

x Depth 3’’ (100 Double sleeves)

Size: 80 or 100 Double Sleeves


Domestic Wood:  $42

Tier 1 Exotic:  $50

Tier 2 Exotic:  $54

Tier 3 Exotic:  $60

Tier 4 Exotic:   $66

Addtional Options:

Corner Splines:                           Free

Aluminum Splines:                   $28

Commander Window Pane:     $15

Flocking:                                      $22

Mirage Method:                          $65

Token / Sideboard Divider:       $10

Custom Engraving:                       starting at $25

Custom Sizing:                            Prices will vary

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