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The Phoenix:

The phoenix is a sacred firebird said to have beautiful feathers of gold  and red. Its story has roots in many ancient civilizations- most  notably the Egyptian and Greek. After 1,000 years the phoenix builds  itself a nest of twigs, which then burns fiercely until they are both,  reduced to ashes. From the ashes a young phoenix appears, renewing the  life cycle of the bird and making the phoenix virtually immortal and  invincible. This pen captures the story in detail, from the flames  bursting at the tip, to the rising phoenix; it's tail rendered in the  clip. Amber crystals on the clip and cap add to the majesty of this  regal creature. Features a Parker® style refill.  We have taken quality solid components with and chemically darkened it to simulate aged brass, pewter, and copper which results  in a gorgeous, long lasting finish.

Each Dungeon Quill is finished with seven coats of cyanoacrylate sanded to 13,000 grit, then polished to a mirror like finish.  Cyanoacrylate is the finish used by professional wood turners to produce a high gloss, impact resistant and water proof finish.

The Phoenix Pen:


Domestic Wood:  $52

Tier 1 Exotic:  $52

Tier 2 Exotic:  $52

Tier 3 Exotic:  $57

Tier 4 Exotic:   $62

Addtional Options:

Red Oak Pen Stand                    $10

Red Oak Pen Vault                   $15

Simple Segmenting:                  $30

Executive Segmenting:             $75

Celtic Knot Segmenting:          $100

Disjointed Segmenting:             $125

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