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The Spartan: Gaming Casket

The Spartan: Gaming Casket is the newest innovation from master craftsman Aaron Cain.  At it's core the box is an organization system for your expensive collectable card game cards or MTG cube.  The box has many new and unique features that place the box ahead of the competition and make it significantly more versatile.  Integrative magnetic dice towers and dice/token vaults allow the Spartan to be compatible with many other board games including Catan, Legend of the Five Rings, Sentinels of the Multi-verse, Key Forge, Dominion, and other games with modular game boards. 

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The innovative divider system allows divider grooves to be placed at 3/8'' increments throughout the box.  This gives maximum flexibility when storing different games or changing the contents of your MTG cube.  The divider canals do not travel the height of the box.  This allows your cards to stay centered in each column making them easier to be removed and prevents them from being damaged.  A special laser cut divider slips into each groove allowing more room to grip and remove the cards. 

Custom options are endless and each box has a free magnetic closure and black suede fabric lining.

If you ever have any questions please let me know :)



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