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The standard sideloading deck box is similar to the toploading deck box with the exception that the cards are laying on their side.  It features a sandwich like design that allows your decks to be stored completely enclosed in the wood of your choice. The two sides when pushed together form a near air tight fit that prevents the two halves from separating unless pulled apart.  The boxes can be built to fit one 75 or 100 single or double sleeved deck.

-Inner dimensions:

Height 2 3/4‘’ x Width 3 3/4’’ x Depth 1 3/4’’ (75 single sleeves, 60 Double sleeves)

 x Depth 2 1/2’’ (100 single sleeves, 80 Double sleeves)



Size: 80 Double Sleeves


Domestic Wood:  $47

Tier 1 Exotic:  $55

Tier 2 Exotic:  $59

Tier 3 Exotic:  $65

Tier 4 Exotic:   $70

Addtional Options:

Flocking:                                   $19

Box Joints:                                $65

Token / Sideboard Divider:    $10

Corner Splines:                         $15

Custom Engraving:            starting at $25

Custom Sizing:                  Prices will vary

Pinstripe Option:              Prices will vary

Roswood and Spalted Maple
Spline joints added
Bocote Sideloader
Cocobolo Sideloader
Maple corner splines added
Curly Birch Sideloader
Pinstripe Sideloader
Redheart / Maple / Wenge
Walnut Burl / Flame Maple
Box Jointed Sideloader
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