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The  Parsec for RPG's is the latest innovation from master craftsman Aaron Cain and the second design under the Parsec Banner.  


The  Parsec is a minimalist box designed for Role Playing Games like Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. Unlike other boxes designed for RPG storage the Parsec incorporates premium hardwoods at an economical price point.  The Parsec provides foam lined storage for your prized miniature, one set of standard 16mm polyhedral dice, and space for your pencil.  The felt lined lid has been precision machined to act as a personal rolling tray to contain those Critical Hits.  The Parsec is held together with 8 high strength Neodymium rare earth magnets which securely keep the parsec closed with NO dice rattle.


The world  class strength and durability of wood make it an ideal material for  providing excellent protection while showing off its natural beauty.   You only get authentic  exotic wood species. No stains or dyes are used during the finishing process. 


The hand rubbed oil / wax finish lets the parsec become the centerpiece of any gaming experience.

Ash RPG "Parsec"