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Dual Column Multi-deck / Mat Box

The dual columned multi-deck boxes are an efficient way to carrying multiple decks along with your favorite playing mat. The construction of the box is done with miter joints at all four corners and are reinforced with two contrasting corner splines at each corner. Each multi-deck box build is drawn in a
computer aided design program and sent to the client to verify the dimensions before construction.  The sliding top has a solid friction fit that locks in place when fully inserted. The top is flush mounted and mitered to the rest of the case providing a seamless look and will NOT slide off uncontrollably. This design also features removable dividers that can be custom sized to the number and size of the decks you would like to store.  Some of the other options that can customize your box include contrasting rectangular inlay designs and adhesive backed felt lining adhered to the bottom of the box.  Neodymium Magnets now offered as an additional layer of security to hold the lid shut

Exterior dimensions:  

Height 3 3/4‘’ x Width 7 1/4’’ x Length 16''


Size: 450 Double Sleeves

& 1 playmat

Domestic Wood:  $200

Tier 1 Exotic:  $265

Tier 2 Exotic:  $305

Tier 3 Exotic:  $365

Tier 4 Exotic:   $420

Addtional Options:

Computer Aided Design:               Free

Corner Spline Joints:                      Free

Rectangular Inlay:                        $30 

Removeable Dividers:                  $3 per divider

Custom Engraving:                        starting at $25

Adhesive Backed Felt Bottom:    Price varies

Neodynium Magnets:                  $20

Aluminum Spline Joints:             $20

Walnut / Maple
Purpleheart / Maple
Aromatic Cedar
Purpleheart / Maple
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